Getting Started as a RandomX Miner:

1. Download the XMRig Miner

Download the miner from here.

2. Configure the miner with your mining configuration:

Username:Your Monero Wallet Address
Password:Your BiblePay Wallet Address
Example:./xmrig -o --user=your_monero_address.your_worker_name --password=your_bbp_address
Note:your_worker_name is optional, but if provided it adds your cpu information per worker to xmrig.
Monitor your workers and Monero earnings at
Sample Windows batch file with failover pools (replace the parameters on the first 3 lines with your info):
                                         set worker=miner00
                                         set xmr=YourXMRAddress
                                         set bbp=YourBBPAddress
                                         START xmrig.exe -o -u %xmr%.%worker% -p %bbp% -o -u %xmr%.%worker% -p %bbp% --pause-on-battery