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March 1st, 2021                                                                           E-mail:

                                           BiblePay - Press Release


Dallas TX - March 2021:

Entering into our Fourth year in the blockchain space, BiblePay is releasing its most disruptive and useful platform to date.
Albert Einstein said "Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.", and in this release we introduce UTXO staking.

This release invites students, seeking theological education to attend BiblePay University.  We also reward existing users who own Dash, LTC, Doge, and Bitcoin
to earn a Staking Reward for using our UTXO Staking feature.

Additionally, we are the first blockchain to facilitate an e-mail inbox entirely within the blockchain.  Send and receive e-mails to each other, both
encrypted and non-encrypted (using RSA).

Forward looking statements:
There are over 500 million distinct cryptocurrency users in our supported UTXO mining program that may earn staking rewards.  This gives BiblePay amazing
growth potential.  We anticipate the new user influx to significantly grow BBP in the near future as people seek rewards for holding cryptocurrency positions.

Also, there are over 19 million college students looking for course material, and with BiblePay we offer free college level theology courses right in our wallet.  We
expect this use case to draw hundreds of new users to utilize our wallet on a regular basis, solidifying the daily use case to send and receive funds.

For more information, please navigate here.

Team BiblePay