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July 1st, 2021                                                                            E-mail:

                                           BiblePay - Press Release


Dallas TX - July 2021:

In our fourth year in the blockchain space, BiblePay just released Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs).  This allows our partner orphanages to create Orphan NFTs which facilitates the sponsorship of orphans directly by users in timespan chunks!
Additionally, we have NFTs for digital goods and social media.

Our Portfolio Builder allows one of 500,000,000 distinct users who source from one of the ten major cryptocurrencies to utilize biblepay for Retirement Accounts.  Our portfolio builder pays the recipient approx. 20% per year in rewards for storing
 an acceptable partner currency with an equivalent amount of BiblePay in Trust Wallet.  We have also integrated with Trust Wallet giving our user a secure, single, decentralized storage place in the mobile wallet to hold their coins.
 We are not a custodian, and the private keys remain in control of our users!  This is an exciting alternative to Defi, giving our users a high level of security.

We now have chainlocks and LLMQ instantsend, meaning transactions can be completed in seven seconds. Chainlocks provides a high level of security against chain rollbacks and POW attacks. Our Greeting Card UI allows our user to send a customized card (with their own paragraphs) delivered to any US address for only $1.00. We also support CSV batch delivery. We've been Wrapped into Binance Smart Chain! This allows Defi projects to use wBBP in their liquidity pools. It also allows an efficient exchange on the Binance (BSC-20) side between wBBP and BSC compatible coins. For more information, please navigate here. Team BiblePay