DOGE/BBP Atomic Swap Fully managed and simple HODL rewards earned while helping expand our network

Your DOGE deposit Address:

Price Information:
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You will receive 745.9722 BBP per DOGE. Example: Send 1000 DOGE to and you will receive 745972.2000000001 BBP in your web wallet.

  • 1. Send DOGE to the address above. Do not send more than 10MM BBP Equivalent, otherwise the transaction will be refunded.
  • 2. Wait for 10 DOGE confirmations (this is approximately 10 minutes). Refresh this page.
  • 3. The Status will update accordingally (Received, Processing, Paid).
  • 4. We will send the corresponding amount of BiblePay into your web wallet. Once the transaction is completed, your BBP balance will increase. You can find your BBP balance by navigating to Profile.
  • 5. After the TXID shows PAID on this page, please allow one BBP block to pass for your web wallet balance to update.
  • 6. We have a limit of 10MM BBP per day. If you send more than this the transaction will be paused until the next business day then will resume automatically.