Red Sea Alert!

  • We will be pushing out a mandatory upgrade called Red Sea soon, approximately June 2023
  • This release includes many major changes, including moving Unchained to the Desktop
  • Because Metamask will be retired in favor of 2FA, the Authentication method will change
  • This means the Web Wallet private key format will change
  • Turnkey Sanctuaries will be retired in favor of Decentralized Offline Sancs
  • Please withdraw ALL of your Web Wallet funds by May 31st, 2023
  • Please decommission and withdraw ALL of your Turnkey Sanctuaries by May 20th, 2023
  • You may leave your Portfolio Builder positions as those live in the Core Wallet
  • For more information about the changes, please read this wiki page.
  • Once we are stable on the new version, you will be able to set up a new desktop wallet
  • Once the desktop wallet is stable, we will release a 2FA authentication mechanism for future web features (moving away from metamask)
  • Thank for you using BIBLEPAY!

Welcome to BiblePay Unchained - v4.4

  • A social media system with a Timeline (like facebook) and Videos (like youtube).
  • Immutable posts stored on our sidechain. Provable sha256 hashes and timestamps.
  • Censorship resistance.
  • Technology stack is web3 and not tied to big tech or big media.
  • S3AAS, DbAAS, API Services.
  • Defi contracts, NFTs, ERC20 Wallet and BBP Wallet.